Friday, February 15, 2013

Feeling more alive...

I had once thought maybe I would try to "blog" about Stephanie's passing and how it changed me, how it changed my life.
But, I quickly found out I wasn't ready to re-live that fateful day...through writing or even pondering.
I have felt so "dead" inside since it all happened. A part of me did die that day 9 months ago in May, right  along with her...
How could it not?  34 years sharing our lives...we were best friends, the "poke your finger with a needle put your blood together sisters", fierce protector's of each other's  happiness.
And for awhile I didn't think I would ever be the same.
And while I'm not the same, And while the scar tissue is not even starting to form over the wound left on my heart.
I'm feeling MORE alive...MORE hopeful for sunny days...MORE inspired to pick up my camera and take pictures of my wonderful-life.
And so I say to the "artist-side" of me...Hey, it's good to see you again,
You look good.
(model: My first born-H, you are beautiful, I love you my-girl)

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