Friday, August 2, 2013

Missing...[Personal Post]

   Missing so many things right now..
This song seems to re-play over in my head today...
I never knew...
the absolute feeling of
m i s s i n g.
I've gone through so much loss/change lately
it feels like my heart might just stop beating at times.
one foot in front of the other...
                          thinking of happy times, fleeting things that made my heart happy..
Living on memories of...
Family-My Daughters-Friends-My Girlfriend-Mista

How many rules can I break
How many lies can I make
How many roads must I turn
To find me a place where the bridge hasn't burned
Oh, Lord, what can I say
I'm so sad since you went away
Time, time, ticking on me
Alone is the last place I wanted to be
Lord, what can I say
Oh, Lord, what can I say

xo Marie

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