Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This is Stephanie's son Hayden
He lives with his Uncle Todd now, (perfect)
Todd had me take his family pics on Sunday (will be coming to the blog soon)
Hayden jumped in my car and drove with me to the location where we were shooting.
I said to him:
Hayden, I don't know Amanda's kids are they going to think I'm crazy?

Hayden replied:
Oh, Aunt Marie...you ARE pretty crazy, but it doesn't matter because all of us that know you, love you...so they will too.

And then I smiled to myself...thinking...YEP, he's got his Mom in him.

I'm thankful everyday that I get to be in Stephanie's kids lives...that they call me, text me, go to secret lunch with me.
Let me tell stories of me and their Mom to them over and over...
I miss her more than words...but her kids....her kids let her live on.
They ALL got a little Stephanie in them, enough to never let me forget her.


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