Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Todd Amanda & Family

This is Stephanie's Brother Todd and his Family
[Todd, aka, My other Brother and I have been raising hell together since
the tender ages of 9 & 11...
nobody could toilet paper houses like Me, Him & Steph:)
[And if you paid us a lot of money,
 we could even do a "Sunshine- Singer" dance routine
or two for you...or NOT, hahaha!]
I kinda love Todd a lot...I tell him he's my little piece of Stephanie,
(They have SO many of the same facial expressions, body language, etc...It just makes me happy to be around him)
Ummm...and let's not even get started with how gorgeous is wife Amanda is...
(she's also so sweet and amazing and all that stuff too, I know, NOT fair huh?!)
Todd also has Steph's son Hayden living with him, so you'll see his cute face in these pics too.
AND I just think Todd and Amanda's kids are just about the best..
NO, really they are:)

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