Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Did you notice there is a "new look"
going on around here? I love it:)
My blog designer, Persis, ROCKS!
If you ever need a blog designed or a logo designed, she's your girl! 
Thanks again Persis for all your "late night sessions" with me this week...(late night for me, during the day for her, she lives in India) isn't the Internet incredible? I have a friend in India! 
I found  Persis on etsy, her etsy shop is called "miles of style" & you can find her here:
Also, stayed tuned as I'm going to start selling my photography prints and stuff on etsy.
Did you notice I have a new 
The link is on the sidebar:) 
"It's INSANITY, darlings" is up and running!
Have a good week and carry on my friends! 
(My new blog link is on the sidebar, just sayin it again, incase you missed it)


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Persis Shah said...

Thanks for appreciating my work Marie.. I always love collaborating with you! Love, Persis.