Monday, May 26, 2014

Maegan's bridals-kinda

When I tell you these are some of the most beautiful bridal pictures
believe me.
I can't wait to show you this shoot.
Maegan isn't letting her man see her until their wedding day, so we have to keep them under wraps for another week.
Maegan and her 3 sisters lived next door to us in our first home.
They were all under the age of about( 8?) and my girls were 3 & 1
We used to hang with them everyday and the girls usually took their nightly baths all in one HUGE pink tube.
 SIX little girlies laughing and splashing...
those were the "good-days"
 love these dixon girls.
ADORE their Momma, Pam
Cannot wait for the BIG day!

The shoot consisted of :
Two Mallory's- One Haylie- One Maegan...and me laughing my guts out.

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