Friday, April 29, 2016

The birth of GREYSON KNOX

This baby was due on May 11th, the day my best friend of 35 years left this earth and this baby was born on May 29th, the day his great grandpa left this earth almost 30 years ago...
And so this thought came to me...this little baby is going to be the healer of our hearts & souls. 
And now that this baby is turning ONE today.. I can say I was  right.
"You came into this world with eyes as clear as water
You didn't look a thing like your grandmother's daughter
With a heart so heavy and beating like a drum
Yeah, neither did you look like your grandfather's son

We're chained, and when everything changes our love will stay the same
We're chained, and when everything else goes away, our love will still remain
We're chained"
" I belong to you"
Brandi Carlile-

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