Saturday, April 23, 2016

We are gathered here today

to get through this thing called life...
I'm so disappointed by people lately. I'm so grateful I've raised my kids to be good people. And that they ARE good people. I feel sorry for so many.
I feel sorry for people that don't show up for others. Just don't show up.
I'm sorry, I'm just not like that. I've been given more trials than most. Than maybe anyone I know.
And I show up.
Yep, you may are so full of yourself, well, maybe I am.
I deserve to be.
I'm a good person. 
Better than most.
I've earned respect
Most haven't.
I've taught my kids to earn, gain respect.
Follow in my footsteps. Be successful, like me. I've been hugely successful.
And most people in my life won't acknowledge that...why? I'll never know.
So you know what I say to that? 
Kiss this, babies. 👄

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